Livpure water filter in Nepal

Livpure water filter, first intelligent Ro water Purifier with touch technology gives su the purest sparkling clear water with and advanced purification system and convenience with time saving.

Livpure intelligent ro water purifier or RO water filter is a technological breakthrough of luminious water technologies pvt ltd a part of the SAR group. Livepure water purifier has been introduced to set the benchmark for pure water quality.

More then 70% of human disease is caused due to unsafe water supply sanitation and hygiene.It regulated body temperature and helps in metabolism. It does numerous functions for human body.

Livpure water filter range has not only created a benchmark fot its exceptional quality but has garnered laurels also. For our dedication to deliver unmatched purity and technological innovation, we have been awarded with innovation Domestic water purifier RO+UV+UF.

Here are the different model of Livepure water filter available in Nepal market.

Livpure Touch Plus

    Livpure water filter touch plus is a  perfect combination of purity and innovation which gives you 100% pure water. Touch 2000+ is available with a 7-stage advanced purification system with UV,UF,taste enhancer & 8.5 litres of storage capacity.

Livpure Magna

livpure water purifier in nepal

Water purifier Livpure is here, and it’s called the Livpure Magna Pro RO Water Purifier. Powered by the RO + UV + UF + Taste Enhancer technology, it’s safe to expect your water to be free from all types of impurities, both organic and inorganic.

It boasts of an advanced 7-stage purification system (explained below) and features a smart design complemented by Iintelligent technology. It stores 11 liters of water and provides purified water at a flow rate of 15 LPH (litres per hour).

With the presence of Taste Enhancer, the water purifier adds essential minerals and lends the usual tap water a rich taste of purified drinking water.

This purifier comes with a filter change indicator that informs you when it is time to change the filter. It has liters of water purified, purifying water, and tank full indicators too. It also has an alarm for UV failure. Buy the smart Magna Pro RO Water Purifier online at a fair price from the Livpure website.

The 7 stages of filtration employed by this water purifier are as follows:

This is the first stage of purification. It’s complementary and helps in removing physical impurities such as large particulates present in water.

Anti-Scalant Cartridge:
This layer helps in elongating the life of the RO membrane by preventing scaling of the membrane layer owing to contact with salts in water. As a result, the overall life span of the purification system is increased.

Sediment Filter:
This is the 3rd stage of filtration, and it helps in removing both coarse and fine particulates (sediments) from water.

Pre-Activated Carbon Filter:
With this filter, the resultant water is rid of chlorine and organic impurities such as pesticides. In addition, the filter adsorbs all organic agents that result in bad taste and hazy color.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane:
The RO membrane, the most important component of water purification, helps in the removal of pesticides and herbicides, THMs, and heavy metals by high-pressure cleaning. It also provides all-round protection against microbes such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other pathogens.

Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Column:
The disinfection column further cleanses water by removing any disease-ridden particles, including harmful bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

Ultra-Filtration Membrane:
The final stage of the purification system rids the resultant water of bacteria, colloid, algae, or residual organic matter. It helps in improving water clarity by removing fine, suspended impurities.

Livpure Envy Plus

livpure water purifier in nepal

It is important to be concerned about the purity of your drinking water; this is because germs in the drinking water can cause water-borne diseases like dysentery, cholera, etc. These serious ailments can have adverse and prolonged effects on your health. One might probably think that boiling water is right way to kill germs and other impurities.

While boiling water could kill deadly germs, it doesn’t eliminate chemicals such as nitrates, pesticides, and lead. The safest choice would be using an RO water purifier.

Buy the Livpure Envy Neo RO Water Purifier at a fair price from the Livpure website. It has a 5-stage purification system (explained later) and an 8-litre water storage capacity.

Livpure’s latest water purifier Envy Neo RO has many features including the latest RO + UV + Taste Enhancer technology. The water purifier can be kept on a counter top or wall mounted, depending on the available space in your kitchen. It gives out purified water at an impressive 15 litres/hour speed. While the RO membrane is able to purify 75-80 gallons per day, the UV disinfection column can decontaminate up to 24 litres of water per hour. The built-in shutter tray of this water purifier offers a firm grip to bottles and glass, while filling water. Additionally, it is available in different color panels to suit your kitchen appearance.

Following are the 7 stages of purification process of the water purifier:

    • Sediment Water – This filter sees to it that the tap water is free from all the fine and coarse particles.
    • Pre-Activated Carbon Filter – Pre-activated carbon filter works effectively to remove hazardous impurities like THMs, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, etc. The carbon filter also eliminates bad taste, odor, and color by absorbing harmful organic compounds from water.
    • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane – This is the most important step of the purification procedure as it removes harmful impurities such as pesticides, THMs, herbicides, heavy metals, and hardness causing salts. Removal of microbial threats such as of virus, protozoa, and bacteria also takes place in this stage.
    • Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection Column – The UV radiation effectively works in eliminating microbes like bacteria, virus, and protozoa that play a key role in spreading water-borne diseases.
    • Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge – This silver impregnated cartridge helps in increasing the taste and quality of the water.